My Story

Claire Bennellick

A little about me

My name is Claire and I live in Plymouth with my husband and our two young sons. We love getting outdoors and exploring at the weekends and my hobby is photography.

I was inspired to set up my own business by my wonderful husband. He had become self employed as a mechanic, after many years of being employed by a large corporation. Very soon in, he realised he couldn’t focus on what he did best. He found the administration of the business kept him in the office and out of the workshop. Without the quotes, there would be no customers but without the work being completed, bookings were pointless. It was at this point he asked me to reduce my hours at the accountancy practice I worked for and help him run the business.

Within a short space of time, we had things running smoothly. Overall, it made me realise that new businesses need that extra support at an affordable rate, so Plymouth Business Services was born.